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The CarbonX Venture is an equal equity participation between a founding group of people  and the company ConsenSys AG.

ConsenSys AG. is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and developer / end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum. The ConsenSys “hub” coordinates, incubates, accelerates and spawns “spoke” ventures through development, resource sharing, acquisitions, investments and the formation of joint ventures. These spokes benefit from foundational components built by ConsenSys that enable new services and business models to be built on the blockchain.

Like CarbonX, other ConsenSys spokes include Grid+, Gnosis, uPort, and OpenLaw. ConsenSys is the founder of The Blockchain for Social Impact, an initiative to leverage the power of Ethereum for social good, and is also blockchain advisor to the city of Dubai.


Supporting partners of CarbonX include: